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Pros: Easy to use site, European address
Cons: Only available for residents in South American and Caribbean making it too limiting. Additional fees.
Bottom Line: This may be for you if you are a frequent shopper who wants US and European addresses and you live in a major city in South America, or the Caribbean. If not, you'll want to look elsewhere.
Web Site: is another site catering to frequent shoppers. However, they have a limited service area, just South America and the Caribbean, compared to the other services we reviewed. If you can get past the annoying banner ads, you find SkyBox is fairly well organized and offers links directly from their home page to various shopping options in the US and Europe.

SkyBox operates with mailing addresses in Miami and ships via couriers to the various countries it services. Aside from its limited service area, Skybox also tacks on additional charges if you live outside of the main city for your Country. For example if you live outside of Caracas in Venezuela, you can expect to pay $7.50 for the first Kg of you package and $2 for each additional Kg. Plus you'll pay a local brokerage charge of 3% on the duties paid with a minimum charge of $2.

Additional Services

  • Online package tracking
  • Online shopping site
  • Catalog ordering
  • Magazine ordering
  • An option for them to pull junk mail at their discretion
  • The option to include 3 additional names on your account


SkyBox charges a $45 annual fee in addition to your normal shipping charges.

Our Tests

Where do you live. That will determine how much you'll pay. In São Paulo City or Rio de Janeiro , a 4.55 Kg package would cost $49.50 to ship. In São Paulo State it's $65.63. Outside of those areas, you'll pay $78.75 for a 4.55 Kg package.

The annual costs in São Paulo City or Rio de Janeiro: $639.00 (annual fee: $45 + shipping charges: 12 x $49.50).

Annual costs in São Paulo State: $832.56 (annual fee: $45 + shipping charges: 12 x $65.63).

Annual costs outside of the above areas: $990.00 (annual fee: $45 + shipping charges: 12 x $78.75).

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